FENIX: Network for Research on Women Exiles & Migrants. Founder and Coordinator: Eugenia Helena Houvenaghel (Utrecht)

CIFEM – Centro de Investigaciones Feministas – Grupo de Investigación Intersecciones – Universidad de Oviedo

CIFEM is a feminist, interdisciplinary space which comprises a variety of faculty members and research groups of the University of Oviedo.

Intersecciones – Literaturas, Culturas & Teorías Contemporáneas is a research group from the University of Oviedo which aims to explore theoretical and cultural intersections within a European and transnational context, concentrating specifically on Anglophone, Hispanic and Germanic areas. It examines intersections between contemporary cultural theories – e.g. post- and de-colonial theories, (post)diasporas, gender studies, transnationalism, biopolitics, space and urban theories. It then considers how these theories are applied to various geographically localized literatures and cultures, such as those from Australia, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, the USA and the Hispanic world.

Institutional website: https://www.intersecciones.net/

CIFEM and Intersecciones researchers who are also Fenix partners: