FENIX: Network for Research on Women Exiles & Migrants. Founder and Coordinator: Eugenia Helena Houvenaghel (Utrecht)

CECILLE – Féminisme, genre(s) et intersectionnalité -UNIVERSITÉ DE LILLE

CECILLE (Centre d’études en civilisation, langues et lettres étrangères) is a research group that focuses on respecting the diachrony that feminism seeks to overcome. It also aims to highlight the aspect of ‘feminism(s)’, as some criticise that the concept of ‘gender(s)’ hides certain aspects of ‘feminism(s)’. The research groups wants to preserve the visibility of various feminist perspectives. Finally, CECILLE also focuses on the concept of ‘intersectionality’, in relation to feminism(s) and gender(s), meaning the sense of interactions between discriminations.

Institutional website: https://cecille.univ-lille.fr 

CECILLE researchers who are also Fenix partners: