FENIX: Network for Research on Women Exiles & Migrants. Founder and Coordinator: Eugenia Helena Houvenaghel (Utrecht)

CEUS – Cluster for European Research – Universität des Saarlandes

Building on the research traditions and existing expertise at Saarland University, the research activities in the Cluster for European Research are bundled under the overarching research topic “Europe-World(s) – Projections, Reflections, Transformations”. The focus is on the question of how ‘concepts’ of Europe are projected, transformed and reflected. Europe’s relations with the world have always been characterised by give and take in many fields: culture, literature, languages, technology, economics, politics, law, philosophy, religion, etc. As Europe transformed the world, so the world transformed Europe. At a time when the political and economic centre of gravity of the world is shifting away from Europe to the Pacific, these processes of transformation are taking on a new character. Europe is seeking to think of its relationship to the world in new ways, to find new ‘transitions’ to the world. The resulting diverse interdisciplinary fields of research, conflict and reflection are explored at the CEUS, especially from systematic, historical, transcultural and intermedial perspectives.

Institutional website: https://www.uni-saarland.de/en/institution/ceus.html

Universität des Saarlandes researchers who are also Fenix partners: