FENIX: Network for Research on Women Exiles & Migrants. Founder and Coordinator: Eugenia Helena Houvenaghel (Utrecht)

Romanska Språk – Departamento de Lenguas Modernas – Uppsala Universitet

The Romance Languages group researches French, Spanish, Italian and comparative Romance linguistics, as well as French, Spanish and Italian literary studies. Linguistic research at the department has two profile areas. The first deals with modality, evidentiality, conditionality, tense, mood and aspect. The second is about argumentation, discourse and interaction. The research in literary studies also has two profile areas: theatre research and postcolonial studies and world literature.

Research in Romance languages is carried out in both linguistics and literature. The department’s research languages are French, Italian and Spanish. Comparative Romance lingustics is also part of the linguistic studies.

Institutional website: https://www.moderna.uu.se/research/romance-languages/

Uppsala universitet researchers who are also Fenix partners: